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Iran Khodro’s Achievements in Year of National Production

International sanctions in the current year accelerated the pace of domestic production and diversification of products which can compete in global markets meeting world standards. Materializing key indices as well as receiving national awards in different fields showed that Iran Khodro has managed to maintain quality of its products at top in line with expanding activities. This report outlines achievements of Iran Khodro in the fields of production, quality, and export.

Iran Khodro’s Achievements in Year of National Production
The rise in foreign currency exchange rates and the problem of supplying raw materials and spare parts forced the company to double efforts to remove such hurdles. As a result, Iran Khodro managed to boost daily production to over 2,000 cars and it targeted reaching the 2,500 mark by the end of the current calendar year (March 20).
Introducing the third national brand car, named Dena, was another achievement. Dena is the first Iranian car which meets passenger safety standards and all its production line has been fully designed and commissioned by Iranian experts. Meanwhile, car parts have been provided by Iranian part makers.
In the year of national production, Iran Khodro manufactured over one million Samand sedans and supplied more than 170,000 Samands to the market, showing 20 percent rise compared to the previous year.
The company also manufactured full automatic version of Tondar 90 sedan, which has been face lifted compared to the standard model of the car.
Although intensified international sanction interrupted the production of Peugeot 206, but the company’ development center in cooperation with SAPCO and other part suppliers indigenized production technologies and restarted its production line. Many components and precision tools of Peugeot 206 had been manufactured by Iran Khodro, but the technology of electronic systems of the engine has been recently indigenized.
Peugeot 206 is manufactured based on TU3 and TU5 engines with 1360CC and 1587CC capacities, respectively. Iran Khodro launched a plan to become self-sufficient in manufacturing Peugeot 206 with TU5 engine. Engine management system had been provided by Peugeot, but it has been produced domestically in recent months.
Iran Khodro Industrial Casting Company managed to manufacture the Runna car’s body parts completely relying on domestic engineers. The effort resulted in saving €10 million.
The company gained the knowledge to design and manufacture the largest dashboard equipped with airbags for Samand sedans, which saved over €700,000. The project was implemented in cooperation with SAPCO and a German company in the frame of a 5-year contract. Necessary steel parts had been previously imported from South Korea and Europe, but they are currently provided by Esfarayen Steel Company.
Best-selling carmaker
Iran Khodro has been introduced as the leading Iranian automotive company in terms of sales, assets, job creation, and added-value products. Eng. Najmeddin, the managing director of the company, received a plaque of honor from the minister of industry, mines, and trade. Iran Khodro ranked the second from among 400 top Iranian companies, and was named the third in terms of added-value, and the first in terms of job creation. SAPCO also ranked the sixth among top 100 Iranian companies and received a plaque of honor.
According a report by the Industrial Management Organization, Iran Khodro had the largest number of staff with 53,806 workers. The company’s sales amounted to 126,696 billion rials last year, ranking the second among top 100 Iranian companies. It is considered as the best-selling Iranian carmaker. SAPCO, which is a holding company, ranked the sixth with 75,856 billion rials in sales, retaining the past year’s position.
Other awards
Iran Khodro After Sales Services Company (ISACO) was ranked the first nationwide for the third consecutive years among the car after sales services companies. According to the evaluation conducted by Iran Quality Evaluation and Standard Company, by gaining 79.8 points in the factors of quality, speed and cost of the services ISACO was ranked third in the last year among other car after sales services companies of the country. The mentioned evaluation was conducted in 298 cities and on 8 manufacturers and 10 importers of light vehicles via conducting poll among 1,055,451 customers, 2088 repair garage and 1924 after-sales services representatives in the country.
In the evaluation of designing and manufacturing companies conducted by Iran Industrial Management Organization Tam Iran Khodro Company was ranked the first by gaining 91.96 out of 100 points in the field of industrial and mineral activities and it was therefore recognized capable of implementing projects of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce with the worth of over 5 trillion rials.
According to the agreement made between the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce in September 2011, the companies which gain grade A in this evaluation are prioritized in receiving projects of the ministry of Industry, Mine and Commerce, which worth over 5 trillion rials
In addition, in the current year, the first Silver Trophy National Award of logistic services was granted to Iran Khodro Industrial Group. In the closing ceremony of National Logistic Award, which was held on December 17, 2012 in the gathering salon of Milad Tower, the industry, mine and commerce minister granted the silver trophy to the deputy manager of Iran Khodro for production affairs.
In the ceremony of granting this reward, Iran Khodro Diesel Engineering and Parts Supplying Company received Quality accreditation Certificate in terms of logistic applicants and Iran Khodro After Sales Services Company (ISACO) received this certificate in the field of offering logistic services in the field of warehousing and distribution.
In the ninth edition of the National Quality Award Conference, some 19 awards were granted to 19 industrial units that 5 of them were granted to Iran Khodro Industrial Group, in addition to 4 Quality Accreditation Certificates and Silver Trophies. It was the first time that one of the companies participating in the national quality award evaluation received the trophy which is the top reward and according to the conference organizers, it indicates that the issue of quality has been internalized in this industrial group.
Department of manufacturing Tondar received Silver Trophy for manufacturing Tondar 90 and Motive Force Department received 3-Star Quality accreditation Certificate for engine TU5 and 1-Star Quality accreditation Certificate for engine EF7. Iran Khodro Aluminum Casting Unit, which cast cylinder head of engine XU7, received Quality Accreditation Certificate in this edition of the award.
Iran Khodro Production Comprehensive System Department, which had received 3-Star Quality accreditation Certificate in the last year, received 2-Star Quality accreditation Certificate in this edition of the award for planning, supplying, production and logistic services. Iran Khodro Khorasan Company, the other industrial unit of Iran Kodro Industrial Group, received 3-Star Quality Accreditation Certificate for assembly services of Suzuki Grand Vitara. This product passed four promotion stages simultaneously for receiving Iran National quality Award.
Eng. Najmeddin, the managing director of Iran Khodro (R)