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IKCO Annual Report, 2010

Statistics indicates that IKCO production growth has speeded up since 2009. In 2001 the company produced 225,723 cars, while this amount chalked up to 678,172 cars in 2009. IKCO produced 771,601 in 2010 that shows 13.8 percent increase in comparison with the same period last year.

IKCO Annual Report, 2010

IKCO's Domestic Market Share
IKCO's domestic market share has increased in the past two years and the company has benefitted from a precise program and its personnel's effort that resulted in an increase in its domestic market share from 46.5% in 2008 to 48.8% in 2009 and 49.5% in 2010.

Samand Position among IKCO Products
Besides boosting the localization of products and production itself in the past two years, the company has had a special eye on its national car, Samand, the production of which has remarkably run up in this period. Producing Runna sedan in the next year, IKCO intends to allocate a bigger share to its national cars.

Boost in Sales
There has been a leap in the sales since 2009 so that it has increased from 558,304 cars in 2008 to 643,455 cars in 2009. IKCO sold about 765,468 thousand cars in 2010.
Based on the available statistics, company's sales has notably increased in the past two years. It has run up from 6,347 million dollars in 2008 to 7,429 million dollars in 2009 and 8,868 million dollars in 2010.

Global Sales
According to the new conditions of international markets, IKCO has revised its global sales policies and has focused on the following areas:
- Islamic countries' markets in the region
- National brand
- Exports through IKCO network
- Cost-effective global sales
Although the total amount of IKCO global sales has been decreased due to the global sales decline in the recent years, Samand sedan global sales in 2010 jumped by 150 percent compared with the previous year.
Achievements in this area in the past two years are as follows:
- Rearranging products' portfolio to be exported and 150 percent increase in the global sale of national car considering the same period last year. (24529 Samands exported in 2010)
- Regarding high potentials and logistics advantages of the Iraqi market, this neighboring country received the majority of IKCO's global sales specially Samand sedan. IKCO exported 22,743 cars to Iraq in a ten-month period since March 21, 2010. Following Iraq come Syria and Venezuela with 2481 and 1873 sets of cars sold to respectively.

IKCO has also adopted an approach to improve quality of products and services. In this regard, quality supreme committee came to existence. The committee directs all IKCO quality programs.
In order to improve the indicators of products and after-sales service quality, 178 quality improvement project have been put on the company's agenda and these projects are supposed to satisfy customers' demands in all areas.
Last year, 117 quality improvement projects were compiled that brought about 30 percent improvement in the quality of products.

Iran's Top Company
IRAN KHODRO INDUSTRIAL GROUP has gained many achievements during the past two years, the most eye-catching of which is its first rank among Iran's top 100 companies.
Following the implementation of strategies and programs, IRAN KHODRO INDUSTRIAL GROUP overtook banks as well as oil and mine companies after four years and became Iran's top company in 2009.
In 2008, 14% of Iran's 100 top companies' sales belonged to IRAN KHODRO INDUSTRIAL GROUP. Accurate planning and policy pushed this amount to 15.6% in 2009.
In the meantime, Sapco - IKCO subsidiary - ranked four in the top 100 companies. Other subsidiaries like Iran Khodro Khorasan Co., Iran Khodro Investment Development Co. and Iran Khodro Diesel ranked 29, 41 and 42 respectively.

* The given statistical data regarding production and sale in this report are based on the Christian year, which are slightly different from those based on the Iranian year given by the Iranian press. For instance, the Iranian year 1389 is counted from March 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011.