Iran Khodro’s Achievements in Year of National Production

International sanctions in the current year accelerated the pace of domestic production and diversification of products which can compete in global markets meeting world standards. Materializing key indices as well as receiving national awards in different fields showed that Iran Khodro has managed to maintain quality of its products at top in line with expanding activities. This report outlines achievements of Iran Khodro in the fields of production, quality, and export.

Driving Force

Business Year talks to Javad Najmeddin, President and CEO of Iran Khodro Industrial Group. Javed Najmeddin is President and CEO of Iran’s largest vehicle manufacturer, Iran Khodro Industrial Group. Mr. Najmeddin received a Bachelors degree in industrial engineering from Amir Kabir University, and later obtained an MBA from the Industrial Management Institute in Tehran. He spent much of his career at the Khodro Group, serving in a variety of departments such as Managing Director of the Iran Aut