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IKCO Strategic Plans for 2025

As the Middle East's giant auto maker and Iran's industry leading company, IKCO compiles and runs its grand strategic plans on the basis of the country's 20-year vision and presence in the global markets.

- Producing more than one million cars in 2014 and running up this amount to over 1.5 million by 2025 and exporting 16 and 30 percent of the said amount respectively make up IKCO's production and global sales strategic plan in 2025 perspective. IKCO aims to produce 850 to 900 thousand cars in 2011.

- At least five new products including M59 van, Runna, NX7, NX8 and Samand pickup would be designed and developed on improved platforms by 2014. Design and development of two brand new platforms and 10 new products with global most modern technologies have been targeted in 2025 strategic plan.

- In order to upgrade standard emission compatibility to Euro IV and V and reducing fuel consumption of products to an average of 7l/100km, IKCO focuses on improving the current technology in EF7, TU5 and IKCO's 1400CC engines in powertrain strategic plan.

- Design and development of national diesel engines for existing and future products as well as compatibility with Euro IV, V and VI have been closely focused on in this plan.

- Micro hybrid technology that brings about a minimum of 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption would be utilized in IKCO's upcoming products. With at least 20 percent fuel use reduction, mild hybrid technology has been targeted for IKCO's new platforms and engines in 2025 strategic plan.

- Having the benefits of Global Sourcing (global supply chain), domestic suppliers' capability of design and production have been improved and they have been planned to get the power of producing parts for 1.5 million cars by 2025.