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IKCO Scheme Demonstrated in the New Year Celebration Ceremony

Iran Khodro Industrial Group CEO drew the New Year's scheme as new Iranian cars development, global sale boost and customer satisfaction, meeting this year's motto, i.e. 'National production, Iranian capital and work protection'.

IKCO Scheme Demonstrated in the New Year Celebration Ceremony

During the New Iranian Year's ceremony, IKCO CEO addressed the company's staff and declared, "We need to accelerate the work trend in production, after sale services, global sale, new cars development, customer satisfaction and cost reduction."
He also added protecting national production is considered as the main strategy to fight back international sanctions against Iran and claimed, "We also need to move forward full-powered to improve domestic production and supply chain, leading us to the 100% design and development of car parts and components.
Running up fuel efficient cars production, commitment to euro IV environmental standards and expansion of domestic and international markets are some of other plans included in IKCO's roadmap for this year.
Iran Khodro Industrial Group CEO pointed out the necessity of promoting customer satisfaction and beneficiaries' interest and added, "During past years, IKCO gained about 50% of domestic market share."
"Setting a new record in production and sales, establishing quality supreme committee as well as the leap in products quality were some of IKCO achievements in the past years," said Najmeddin and added, "last year, there was an upgrade in all IKCO products' quality."
The industrial man referred to a comprehensive after-sales service as the customer's main requirement and added, "In 2011 after-sales service network expanded and in 2012 the quality of services will be soared up."
Referring to the mass production of Runna and Dena sedans respectively by the end of the 1Q and the end of this Iranian year (i.e. March 2013), IKCO CEO hoped that with regard to his company's focus on global sale development, IKCO would experience a tremendous jump in this field this year.
Najmeddin also outlined other new year's plans as new Tondar pick-up production, the contract of which was signed before, and also XUM engine production, which is the optimized version of XU7 meeting Euro IV standard and further emphasized on new car development based on national platform development.
Somewhere in his speech, Najmeddin asked IKCO staff to continue on cost narrowing, financial discipline and waste material cutback and also demanded generating innovative proposals in the form of "IKCO Proposal System" to actualize the company's goals.
"We will continue to boost the safety and quality of our cars as we were on to it last year; this includes the production of all cars equipped with airbags and ABS, while meeting Euro IV pollution standard," asserted Najmeddin regarding this year's motto of 'National production, Iranian capital and work protection'.
In the meantime, he referred to some of his company's achievements last year and mentioned, "Last year, we were facing more severe international sanctions imposed on Iran's industry, however, we could experience 20% production boost, making 775,000 various types of vehicles."
As last year's main achievements, the CEO referred to the production growth of TU5 and EF7 low consumption engines and explained, "The 72% and 25% production rise in Tondar 90 pick-up and commercial vehicles respectively and also exporting 200,000 vehicles could be considered as the company's main objectives achieved last year."
"Unveiling Dena sedan, working on putting Runna into mass production phase, declining overhead costs, accompanied by being chosen as the pioneer company in 100 Iranian companies can be added to the last year's highlights," he affirmed.