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IKCO Global Sales Achievements in 2012

The presence in the global markets and the acquisition of a good market share is a necessity to today's economic institutions and this is something that institutions look forward to it in their future vision to transform themselves from local institutions to regional or global ones.

IKCO Global Sales Achievements in 2012

For this purpose, Iran Khodro Industrial Group intends to strengthen its position in the international level by expanding its brand in global markets.
Considering the importance of presence in global market and increase of competitiveness in those markets, export has formed the main approach of IKCO managers. Following the internalization of this approach in this industrial group, the whole working process has been directed toward export, leading to the company's improvement in global sales.
In order to reach the defined goals, IKCO has adopted the world's latest technologies in production process, while diversification of products has helped the company to stand out among other car making companies in the region.
In the meantime, IKCO has prepared a roadmap for global sales that focuses on two tasks, first, stabilizing presence in export markets and second, expanding export markets and conquering new ones.
IKCO has also developed comprehensive plans in various areas, including designing and producing new products, improving the efficiency of its distribution network, developing a network of sales and after-sales services, acquiring international standards as Euro IV emissions and brand promoting and the like.
Runna and Dena are two of IKCO passenger cars that meet all required standards to hit both domestic and foreign markets, while other cars as Samand, Soren, Peugeot Pars and GLX that are exported meet Euro IV standards. At the moment, brand development with the objective of exporting various passenger cars is on the top of IKCO's plans to reach its globalization strategy.
Last year, IKCO could double its passenger car sale which itself boosted its foreign sale income. A growth in CBU export, the optimum operation of its overseas sites and a noticeable boost in KD export are some of this company's achievements in 2012. The main sale targets of IKCO are Iraq and the revived countries of Syria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.
Last year, the whole amount of IKCO foreign sales reached 220 thousand cars and the company was chosen as the top exporter of the country in that year.
Brand-based Export
During past year, IKCO was mostly focused on exporting its own cars including Samand and Soren. This strategy was taken with the purpose of improving IKCO brand and its cars. For instance, last year Samand foreign sale upped 45 percent compared to its previous year.
In 2012, three cars were mainly exported. Different models Samand counted for 56 percent of the export. In the meantime, Peugeot 405 and Pars each gained 26 and 18 percent of the export share.
Export Volume and Value
Last year IKCO sold 326.7 million dollar worth of export, however this amount only reached 74.2 million dollar in its previous year. In other word, statistics show160 percent growth in export value in 2012. It's noteworthy that this amount of export stood for 19,000 sets of cars comparing to its previous year with the export volume of 9575 sets of cars including both CBU and KD.
Moreover, IKCO dispatched 4.6% of its production abroad compared to the export share of 1.5% in 2011.
Export Regions
Middle East is one of the main export regions for IKCO and Iraq is the main customer as the importer of 9786 sets of cars. Last year, 98.6% of the exported cars ended in this country and this shows 17.5% growth compared to 2011. Belarus with 1.2 and other countries with 0.2 percent share of IKCO's export come next.