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IKCO to Raise Pollutant Standards of Commercial Vehicles’ Diesel Engine

Director General of Iran Kohdro's Center for Engine Research (IPKO), Mehdi Rajabali, says the car manufacturer plans to raise pollutant standards of its commercial vehicles’ Diesel engines, adding Engine 355 produced by IDEM with a high level of localization, stands at the top of the list of engines to be promoted in terms of their pollutant standards.

IKCO to Raise Pollutant Standards of Commercial Vehicles’ Diesel Engine

Use of new fuel and refinery system in the engine will raise its pollutant standard,” he noted.

He then called use of such systems in the diesel engines a great and considerable achievement and said the development rate of the engine is very low given its profitability. “Calibration of the engine to raise its pollutant standard to that of Euro 5 requires advanced equipment.”

Rajabali also referred to the cooperation underway between Iran Khodro Diesel and Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company to calibrate and test the engine 355 and said the available equipment have been gathered together in a certain place. The two sides, he said, have already established a special chamber for calibrating and testing the engine.

He went on to say that the chamber has been set up in less than a month in an area near Tehran and the technical documents on promotion of the engine’s pollutant standard would be unveiled by the end of the current Iranian calendar year.

Director General of IPKO underlined that other manufacturers of commercial vehicles and even IKCO’s rivals can also use IPKO’s facilities.

Rajabali then said a significant technological jump has been made, adding with the promotion of fuel system of the Engine 355, its fuel consumption as well as pollutant standard will rise to that of Euro 5.

With the current cutting-edge systems, the engine’s pollutant standard can also be promoted to that of Euro 6,” he noted.

It’s noteworthy that the Engine 355 is used in Iran Khodro Diesel’s Wagon Hood products and city busses. It can also be used for renewal of worn busses.