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85 units of Peugeot Pars daily production in Shiraz

"This company is planning to produce 85 Peugeot Pars cars daily this year." The CEO of Iran Khodro Fars production site said.

85 units of Peugeot Pars daily production in Shiraz

Ali Karimi, CEO of Iran Khodro Fars Company added: "This year, 20,000 units of Peugeot Pars will be produced on this site."

Pointing out that the effort to improve the quality is one of the priorities of the company, he said: Iran Khodro Fars factory has succeeded in obtaining three quality stars of its product in 2019 and in 2020 by defining and compiling the quality improving projects; we hope to achieve the major goals of Iran Khodro Industrial Group.

It is worth mentioning that Iran Khodro Fars started its production activities in 2010 with the daily production of 5 units of Peugeot Pars passenger cars. This site has managed to produce 30,000 cars in the last two years.