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The Production of 1,200,000 vehicles in the year surge in Production

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade emphasized on the year of surge in production: "increasing circulation of production, supply of products; financial costs reduction and transferring of non-productive property should be tasked by automakers.

The Production of 1,200,000 vehicles in the year surge in Production

Referring to the production capacity of two million cars in the country, he added: "The country's car manufacturers should use this production capacity to meet the needs of the market in a special way."

Rahmani pointed out: "This year, the production plan of 1.2 million vehicles is on the agenda of car manufacturers. He added: "Today, due to the conditions of Coronavirus, the two major automakers in the country produce a total of more than 4,000 vehicles per day, of which more than 70% is domestic production."

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade noted: "Last year, automakers and parts manufacturers were tasked with seriously pursuing localizing of parts, and appropriate measures have been taken in this regard."

He added: "Last year, there were more than 6 million requests for purchases from Iran Khodro and Saipa, while our production last year was less than one million units."

He stressed: "Automakers should pay serious attention to increasing the quality, production and supply circulation of new products, especially domestic production."

He added: "With the boom in production in the country's automakers and parts manufacturers, in addition to returning workers to work, more than 14,000 people have been employed in parts companies."

He considered the city of Tabriz as the cradle of the country's industry and said: "Tabriz has made a significant contribution to the industrial production last year."