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IKCO to Establish a Technology Center

IKCO CEO announced that the company is determined to establish a fully specialized and professional technology center.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of knowledge based companies meeting hold at Iran National Innovation Fund, Moghimi said that the way out of the current tough situation of the automotive industry is to rely on knowledge-based companies and a sustainable win-win relationship must be established between the automakers and them.

Emphasizing on the role of the automotive industry as the country's industry leader in macroeconomic indicators, he said, “Paying attention to this industry will have good results and achievements for the country in both domestic and international markets”.

IKCO CEO has recently missioned SAPCO (Supplying Automotive Parts Co.) to design a viable and sustainable economic model in collaboration with knowledge-based companies. He believes that the needs of the automotive industry and the capabilities of knowledge-based companies should be identified and they need to move purposefully by creating a lasting connection.

According to Moghimi correlation with knowledge-based companies and start-ups would be the starting point for the evolutionary development of the automotive industry.

He finally expressed hope that with the help of these companies and support of Iran National Innovation Fund as well as the capacity of the automotive industry, all the issues and problems in this important part of the industry would be solved.