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EF Plus Engine to be Mass Produced Next Iranian Calendar Year

The CEO of Iran Khodro’s Supplying Automotive Parts Company (SAPCO) says despite brutal sanctions imposed on Iran, some long strides have been taken by the car manufacturer in engine and driving force design area.

Adel Pirmohammadi said SAPCO is set to unveil a new six-speed gearbox by the end of the current Iranian calendar year, adding, the company will also begin mass production of EF Plus Engine in the first half of the next Iranian calendar year.

The CEO cited EF Plus Engine as a project specifically focused on engine area, saying the project has already made IKCO’s self-sufficiency possible in this area.

Today, we have made enough progress to resolve any possible problem by our experts at IKCO’s Engine Research Center. National Engine and EF7 Engine are among the main achievements of the center. For the time being, some research projects are underway on EF4 and EF Plus engines,” he said.

Pirmohammadi then referred to the last visit of Iranian president to the vehicle designed by IKCO’s Research Center and said the project is the fruit of long-time efforts by Iranian engineers, adding it is set to be mass produced next year.

The CEO of SAPCO then cited self-sufficiency in raw material as the main achievements of Iran Khodro amid the sanctions and said today IKCO has already become self sufficient in production of bolts by standard raw material. “We have come to this conclusion that no production is lasting without technical knowhow. Therefore, we have decided to develop further our products.”

He said next year two new products will be added into Iran Khodro’s portfolio, adding, K132 project and various products on this platform are among the main projects of IKCO during next Iranian calendar year.